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As a business owner, you’re likely to take the security of your premises very seriously; having put so much time, effort and money into your business, it’s understandable that you want to do everything in your power to protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Your windows are the most likely potential entry points into your building for criminals and you need to do all you can to secure them. A problem arises, however, if a window is smashed; surely your only option is to board it up and wait for a window company to fix it when they’re available? Here at All Regions Glazing, we aren’t like other glazing companies; we provide a 24 hour emergency repairs for your glazing in Luton and Watford.

We urge you not to leave a window broken for any longer than necessary. A smashed window will give criminals the perfect opportunity to enter your building when it is unoccupied; even if you board up a smashed window, it can attract criminal and a board won’t hinder a criminal for more than a few minutes. No matter if you have invested in alarm response in Oxford or even CCTV, an unrepaired window will leave your premises vulnerable. Here at All Regions Glazing, we take your security very seriously and consequently, will always offer reliable and efficient emergency repairs.

Every member of our dedicated team is highly trained and has a wealth of experience; experience that we can pass on to you. At All Regions Glazing, we’re not salesmen, there’s no need to worry about our team hard selling and pressurising you into buying a service; we will listen to any concerns that you may have and address them. We will also answer all of your questions with genuine and honest answers, not a rehearsed sales spiel. Furthermore, we will always do our best to repair your glazing on our first visit; we’re not like the hordes of cowboys around that will make as many visits as possible to squeeze money out of you.

For reliable and quality glazing from a company that you can trust, here at All Regions Glazing we should be your first port of call. Please don’t leave your premises unsecured and vulnerable due to a smashed window, click here to contact us today.

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