Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Our 24 Hour Emergency Glazing Services

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Disaster can strike at any time; while you (and many other glazing repair companies) may clock off at 5:30 and relax on the weekend, that doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong. Breakages can happen, break-ins can occur and while the damaged glazing it waiting to be repaired it poses security risks and, in the case of commercial properties, can leave your property looking unappealing and uninviting.

Whether it’s damage to your home or damage to a commercial building, glazing repairs are a time sensitive repair that needs to be done quickly to restore security to the property – and that’s why you can relax with complete peace of mind with our 24 hour emergency repair services.

Fast Response, Prompt Repairs

An emergency repair service is no good if it has a closing time, which is why we offer our emergency glazing service 24 hours a day. Our expert, qualified and experienced staff can be at your property promptly, typically within an hour, to ensure your windows and glazing are repaired safely and professionally. We can usually repair all breaks on our initial visit, so there’s often no need to wait around for us to return to your site.

In the event that repairs can’t be carried out immediately, we secure any potential security risks by boarding up or performing short-term repairs on any windows. Our main priorities are always security and reliability, which is why we secure your windows as soon as possible, and only carry out appropriate repairs to ensure this security is maintained.

Serving Both Homes & Businesses

Thanks to our years of experience in the industry here at All Regions Glazing, we’re able to provide prompt and professional repairs to any kind of building that requires it. Whether your home, business, office or school has suffered glazing damage then our emergency call-out services will provide you with a skilled member of our staff to perform reliable repairs that provide your property with security and quality. With over 25 years of experience performing repairs across a whole range of properties and window types, ours is a service you can trust.

Whether your home or business requires prompt and secure glazing repairs, our 24 hour emergency services are available in Bedford, Luton and surrounding areas to ensure that any damaged or broken glazing is repaired as soon as possible to make your property secure. Call us direct on 01234 355388 or fill out our online contact form to enquire about our services and get your repairs sorted.

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